Taupe Marvelous 1
Taupe Marvelous 2
Taupe Marvelous 3
Taupe Marvelous 4
Taupe's first pub visit
Taupe back stage
Taupe's first beer
Taupe at the movies
Front row seat
It's Michael and Roxy
It's Roisin
It's lucy
Climbing Taupe
Passenger Taupe
Intellectual Taupe
In the garden with Taupe
Cuds goes to the theater
Cuds waiting for the crowd
Cuds where's louis
Cuds the show starts
Cuds my green car
Cuds ciruc van
Cuds benched
Taupe driving 1
Taupe driving 2
Taupe driving 3
Taupe driving 4
Taupe driving 5
Taupe driving 6
Pink water 1
Pink water 2
Pink water 3
Pink water 4
A face off
Into the jaws
Red Monk
Black Monk
Dark Monk
Blue Monk
Tanked up
We remember
Poppy day
2012 flamed
Memory bench
A little elf
Iberia st albans 2
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Monks along with his friends Taupe and Cuds