The Monkineros
Taupe Circus 1
Taupe Circus 2
Taupe Circus 3
Lads out together
DoDo Bones
Monks and Taupe hanging
Driving lesson day1-2
Driving lesson day1-1
Taupe and Cuds hanging
Driving lesson day 2-4
Driving lesson day 2-3
Driving lesson day 2-2
Driving lesson day 2-1
Lads out again
Cuds at Banquet
Cuds by the lake
Cuds just chillin
Cuds hanging about
Cuds and judy
Cheesy balls
Cuds lunch
Tall tree Cuds
Cuds goose eagle
Cuds eagle goose
Cuds and the morris men
Cuds the bee
Come on England 1
Come on England 2
Come on England 3
Come on England 4
Come on England 5
Come on England 6
Come on England 7
Small Monkey big cube
The new motor
Taupe on Thames 1
Taupe on Thames 2
Taupe on Thames 3
Taupe on Thames 4
Taupe on Thames 5
Taupe on Thames 6
Taupe on the farm
Quick pint
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Monks along with his friends Taupe and Cuds