What's your favourite film.
Not a big film fan. Sat through 'Rise of the planet of the apes'
Was a bit frigthening. Went to the cinema to see Paddington, enjoyed that.
What's your favourite TV show.
Weekends like a lie in and watch old episodes of 'The Bill'
Like to watch 'Family Guy' before bed. Apart from when Brian died, stopped watching for a coupke of weeks.
Like a good mistry, watching 'Elementry' at the monent.
Enjoy a good quiz show, watch 'Pointless' dailey but fauvorite is 'Only Connect'
But above everything, can't get enough of 'Storage Wars' in all it's forms.
What's music do you listen to.
Like something I can rock out to.
'Candy Man' is the one where the volume goes up for.
What's your favourite game.
Not really a gamer, but must confess to having an addiction to 'Plants verses Zombies'. After a show nothing better than crashing on the couch killing a few Zombies. Monkey brains are much tastier.
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