On January 28th 2014 due to an exceptional set conincidences Monks a valued long serving soft monkey became self aware and decided to follow his owners path into childrens magic. Unfortunately he spent more time working on his image than his act so never perfomed in the early days.

Then tragidy struck, on the way to a charity event on 31st May 2014 Monks was involved in a major car accident, he was not wearing his seatbelt and was flung into the seat well. Paramedics banaged him at the side of the road, but the shock took it's toll and it was a long time before he could go out in a car and still flinches when turning right.

Now after months of physio therapy and councelling he is ready to resume his showbiz career. He still spends more time chosing his wardrobe, but now spends a bit of time working on his magic and now has commenced his performing career.
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