On January 28th 2014, due to an exceptional set of coincidences Monks a valued long serving soft monkey became self-aware and decided to follow his owner’s path into family entertainment. Unfortunately he spent more time working on his image than his act so never performed in the early days.

Then tragedy struck, on the way to a charity event on 31st May 2014 Monks was involved in a major car accident, he was not wearing his seatbelt and was flung into the seat well. Paramedics banged him at the side of the road, but the shock took its toll and it was a long time before he could go out in a car and still flinches when turning right.

After months of physio therapy and counselling he resumed his showbiz career. Spending more time choosing his wardrobe, but built a successful magic show.

Adding bubbles to act and close up magic, eventually learning to drive and getting over his fears. With TV appearances and 3 world records, now possibly the most famous magical monkey in the world.

Now retired from the business, having trained Taupe to take over the show, he is working on his new venture ‘
The Magic Monks Company’, which he is branching out to a series of books, a potential TV series and board game. Always in the background is working on the script for his dream project ‘Monks the movie’, with the soundtrack already in place and the mermaids lined up he’s ready to go.
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